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Business Intelligence

The new generation of BI, the user in mind and fast, flexible and interactive presentation of business information.
The Netquest have for your business solution. Offers a completely new user experience and allows you to easily parse all the necessary information so you can make faster, informed and objective decisions.
Developed from scratch a powerful and efficient management platform, analysis, monitoring and alarms of your entire business. With this innovative BI tool will be able to manage the data effectively and make the right decisions faster and more intelligently.
With its simplicity, anyone can consolidate, search, view and easily analyze all data to get a perception of unprecedented business.
Your BI platform last generations to ensure good corporate governance and single view of information. Managed by a system administrator, this platform allows users of business areas consolidate, view and query data in an intuitive, efficient and independent manner.
The alarms by sms and email, is the key to success of your business, alert responsible for tasks or ongoing processes that are out of date or in an irregular situation is to reduce human error to 100% in this way guarantee the quality of their service towards their clients and all inherent to the same entities.
Scalability and security are also its main features, as well as the possibility of being used for different types of clients (browser, rich client, mobile) or devices (computers, mobile phones, tablets).


The technology in memory, quickly adds data from any source. The platform is compatible with Pervasive SQL technology, Hyperfile, Oracle, Salesforce.com, Business Objects, Cognos, Hyperion, SQL Server, mySQL, among others.


You can get the data and choose the most appropriate way to view them. With this tool you can create in seconds tables, charts and appealing graphics, in 2D or 3D with a single interactivity.


Its platform enables search and get instant results, facilitating the search for information and the presentation of results with a truly unique speed. The intuitive interface highlights the relationships between data from different applications, allowing make better decisions based on better information. Display You can get the data and choose the most appropriate way to view them. With this tool you can create in seconds tables, charts and appealing graphics, in 2D or 3D with a single interactivity.


BI tools are increasingly a key decision support. However, although there are several solutions on the market, all share a critical flaw: they have limitations in establishing associations between data. And this is the added value of your custom platform and will suit your business with the advantage of being totally open source code and customized and personalized for future developments with the associative search, the user can explore the data, discover new information and find indicators that let you make decisions efficiently. Allied to the unique characteristics of interactivity, usability and graphical richness, its platform is thus a unique tool in the analysis to support market your business.


  • Reduction of the analysis time;
  • Guarantee of return on investment;
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty;
  • User autonomy of business management and analysis of indicators;
  • Associative search that offers quick answers to your business;
  • Technology in memory, allowing instant data analysis in real time;
  • 24x7 accessibility and regardless of location;
  • High scalability;
  • Increased security and critical data protection;
  • Human error reduction to 100% in internal and external business processes;