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Online Training

Develop software development departments in Portuguese and foreign companies is the specialty of Netquest, market sector where it has operated for the past 10 years with a number of successes such as Empark, Siemens, JCanão, Moviflor, Ai-Informatics, Logidados, etc...

WinDev 20

WINDEV a powerful IDE for creating strategic projects easily and quickly. Through a development 10 times faster, fully integrated environment, teams can achieve all the objectives that were set. Deadlines and respected budgets. The WINDEV easily allows the development of new shared applications (Windows, Internet, Intranet...) increasing his responsiveness and profitability.

WebDev 20

WebDev: WYSIWYG environment for Internet and Intranet sites WebDev is an integrated development environment for developing Web 2.0 applications. Ajax in WebDev is native, just one click. WebDev allows your teams develop dream sites, as well as all transactions you want. Your teams will develop up to 10 times faster. Your sites are visible from any machine, using any browser, on any system.

WinDev Mobile 20

Mobile, the market in constant upheaval. The mobile market is increasingly changing everyday, do not miss this opportunity to innovate and provide professional solutions to your clients. ANDROID, (operating system of Google), is available in some of the new high-end mobile devices, but the good news is that solutions for ANDROID can be easily developed with WinDev Mobile. WINDEV Mobile: developing applications for Pocket PCs and Smartphones (Android, Windows Mobile, iOS and Windows 8) becomes easy.