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We are in the age of communication and companies face a number of challenges where being competitive is not enough, it is necessary to manage the information to the second. The Mobile has been already an indispensable tool in our lives, either for personal or professional use. Netquest uses and optimizes communication solutions that today the phone provides.
The SMSCNet is a shipping platform and massive reception SMS's developed by Netquest allowing companies to be closer to its customers, suppliers, field technicians, etc... (Internal / External), communicate with them on any day, anywhere, and at any time... It through the phone. The aim of this platform is to reduce human error in the companies 100% and make a business integration by SMS's the second.
Communication one-to-one this is the only channel of communication able to control your business to the second, in addition to being cheaper, more direct, personal and allowing a two-way interactivity.


The companies intend to be close to their customers (Internal / External), communicate with them any day, anywhere, and at any time... This is only possible through the phone.
Communication one-to-one; this is the only channel of communication that always accompanies the client. Besides being cheaper, is more direct, personal, and allows interactivity.

  • Monitoring of Large Accounts in real time
  • Sending individual messages or packages.
  • Timing of messages sending.
  • Large Virtual Accounts.
  • Sending and receiving messages.
  • Tickets management at message sending width validation.
  • Integration with client processes
  • Query messages sent and received.
  • User management and access permissions.
  • Integration with customer databases.
  • Customization and creation of new modules to the client.
  • Alarmistic.
  • Reporting.


  • Sending text messages at low cost.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Control in message sending with Ticket creation validated by the project manager.
  • Message sending can be checked against the existing databases, or by using the portal that accepts files in txt format.
  • Sending and receiving messages.
  • Independent of the existing database in the enterprise system.
  • Query the status of messages sent and received.
  • Reduction of 100% human error in the Company's processes.
  • Communication with the client easier and accessible without hurting your privacy.
  • Campaigns and contests.
  • Interactivity with customers, suppliers, technicians, other.
  • Quick and easy integration of systems and the SMSC.
  • Greater support to teams in the field.
  • Communication control between the Backoffice and Service Providers.
  • Automation of endogenous processes to how the company is organized.