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Software Development

Netquest develops custom applications in various technological environments and for clients in various market sectors. The experience in these sectors is not only restricted to desktop applications, it also includes web applications, applications developed on a web environment with Internet technologies. We develop standalone applications designed to run on a single computer, as well as fixed and mobile applications with client-server architecture. Netquest always find the technologies and platforms that are best suited to the requirements of each project, thus providing the best solution for each customer.


When existing software solutions on the market are not in accordance with the needs of your business, it is imperative to create a software developed to suit you. The development of software to your needs aggregates all our know-how in order to make the development process more simple, practical, functional and with the maximum security as possible. This type of development does not exempt the analysis phase, which is performed by professional analysts with a commitment to set goals, deadlines and responsibilities to each of the actors.


The integration of applications and the exchange of information between databases and existing systems in the enterprise are a real component and critical to the success and operation of the business reality. Therefore, and contrary to what is intended in personalized development, it is not the creation of a highly complex software but the use of various resources in a centralized way. Our team has several projects to integrate existing platforms and products in domestic and international markets.


We use Scrum, agile methodology for planning and management of software projects.
In Scrum, the projects are divided into cycles (typically monthly) called Sprints. Sprint represents a Box Time within which a set of activities to be performed. Agile software development is recursive, that is, the work is divided into iterations, which are called Sprint scrum.
The features to be implemented on a project are kept in a list which is known as Product Backlog. At the beginning of each sprint, it is a Sprint Planning Meeting, a planning meeting in which the Product Owner prioritizes the Product Backlog items and selects team for the activities that will be able to implement during the Sprint. The tasks assigned in a Sprint are transferred from the Product Backlog to the Sprint Backlog. Each day of a sprint, the team makes a brief meeting (usually in the morning), called Daily Scrum. The objective is to disseminate knowledge about what was done the day before, identify impediments and prioritize the work day ahead.
At the end of a sprint, the team has the features implemented in a Sprint Review Meeting. Finally, we make a Sprint Retrospective and the team follows the planning of the next Sprint. Thus the cycle restarts.


Of all the technologies we work with in Netquest, our greatest experience is undoubtedly in Business Intelligent (BI) in the area of internet and mobile. However, we also work with easily associated with management software technologies. Using architectural concepts solid software and boasting technologies such as platform WebDev, and WinDev Mobile WindDev of PCSoft with this powerful integrated platform create reliable power solutions and above all scalable to future developments.
We took full advantage and enjoyment of technologies based on cloud computing where we can ensure 24/7 reliability with an amazing cost. Alternatively, if you want we can install the system in your facilities. Summarizing the technology is our greatest ally when properly implemented. Do not choose only the cost because the technology is now one of the key and fundamental points of any market, product or service. We are Netquest and we do it simple.

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Web Sites

Every day increases the number of mobile device users. Responsive web design, automatic adjustment of the layout, navigation and content of your website to the shape and size of different mobile devices.


We develop the best solution adapted to your business in order to sell their products or services in a safe, fast and easy. Our eCommerce stores are distinguished by quality design and functionality.

Back Office Systems

BackOffice Systems allow you to make the management of products in the store, orders and customers. Always simple and intuitive, without having to know how to write a line of code.